Activities, mission and values

The Group manages several activities, both directly and through joint ventures with leading industrial groups at international level (Management: Mr. Sergio Tommasini).

Apart from the management of solid urban waste and inert materials, the company is actively involved in :

– management of digging and earth-moving

– Real estate and construction activities

– Production of electricity from renewable sources, both using biogas and using vegetable oils with endothermic engines.

In the field of alternative energy, the company has invested in two international patents:

–The first refers to the depolymerisation of used tyres. The patent calls for the use of new technologies for extracting energy-producing oil, gas, iron and carbon from used tyres. All the materials are exploited with the aim of recycling them and producing energy.

– The second refers to the energy-producing tobacco project. The industrial patent concerns a new variety of tobacco that does not contain nicotine and is not genetically modified, and that is used for the production of bioenergetics oil and biogas.

The Group’s mission is innovation and the capacity for long-sightedness.

The values of the work group are: preparation, dedication, a strategic and pragmatic approach with a continuous search for the fundamentals of its business

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